Siloé is looking for a Room / Studio in Amsterdam

Siloé is looking for: A Room / Studio in Amsterdam

  • Room / Studio
  • Min. 10 m2
  • Female
  • 17 Immediately

Hi! My name is Siloé (but my friends call me by my second name, Laurence), an I am an 18 year old belgian girl. I'm going to study at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, in dance as of August. I'm searching for a room in the city for 2 reasons. The first being that it is much easier to access school. The second being that I would like to work in the city. Considering that I grew up with siblings, I am someone who is quite social. I genuinly enjoy meeting people and getting to know about their interests. I am someone who is tidy (not a maniac, but I like things to be clean). But overall, i'm easy to live with. I have a hand full of passions, mainly Horror movies (I like the sensation of adrenaline), Traveling, Japanese anime, mangas, languages (My maternal languages are French and English, and I'm getting better in dutch everyday) and of course, dance (My biggest aspiration is to become a dance teacher)!
Schedule wise, I'm most likely going to be home pretty often (a part from school and work + going home once a month on a week end).
As far as cooking, I'm no chef, but I like to cook for others (surprisingly more for than myself), especially african food because I like to make others discover a part of my culture. Indeed, I am Camerounese (mom) and Congolese/Belgian (dad).
My family tree is huge, like no joke! But my base are my parents, my older brother Junior and my older sister, Adeline. Therefor, I am the cadet

General information: Siloé
  Female, 21 years old