Axel zoekt een Appartement/Huurwoning/Kamer/Studio/Woonboot in Amsterdam

Axel zoekt: Een Appartement/Huurwoning/Kamer/Studio/Woonboot in Amsterdam

  • Appartement / Huurwoning / Kamer / Studio / Woonboot
  • Min. 7 m2
  • Man
  • 16 Per direct


I'm Axel. I study psychology at Universitet van Amsterdam. The other half of my life I spend on the Amstel or at Bosbaan rowing for A.S.R. Nereus. Nereus has been a good way of getting to know the language and Dutch culture.

Outside of rowing and studies, I enjoy good conversations with friends and writing. I hope I'll one day come up with something worth putting in a book.

As a tenant, I simply need a place to make myself food and get some good sleep. I keep it tidy around myself - for my own sake and for those around me. Other than that, any place accessible by bike is a good place.

I fund my studies through grants and loans from the Swedish government. My parents are happy to be guarantors for rent payments.

Curiosa/fun fact: I used to be a classical guitarist, studying at the Royal College of Music in London. While I still appreciate a good concert, I thought there was more to the world than just music, and here I am in Amsterdam.

Algemene informatie: Axel
  Man, 23 jaar
Type huurder: Student
  1e-jaars PPLE (Politics, Psychology, Law, Economics) (universiteit)
  Lid van A.S.R. Nereus en AIM PPLE